The Board of Directors is comprised of the officers of the Cooperative Exchange



Joe Bell, eSolutions

Joe Bell has over 14 years’ experience in the Clearinghouse industry serving several roles at ClaimRemedi (now a product of eSolutions) including CIO, COO, and Director of Business Development. After the purchase by eSolutions in March of 2016 he transitioned to the Product Department currently serving as a Senior Program Manager, Product Strategies.

He is an active member of WEDI and X12 and has participated in major industry shows including HIMSS, HFMA, AAPC, NACH, and MGMA. He is also currently serving on the Board for the Cooperative Exchange (The National Clearinghouse Association) as the Vice Chair. He has a strong knowledge of Information Systems and EDI as well as business processes as they relate to the clearinghouse industry.

Joe was one of the original founders of ClaimRemedi. Prior employment includes Calpine, an Independent Power Producer, DFS Group Limited, an international retailer and six years in the US Navy receiving the Navy Achievement Medal during his time in service.

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Crystal Ewing, Waystar

Crystal Ewing is the Liaison Committee Chair for the Cooperative Exchange and Waystar’s Manager of Data Integrity. She has over 19 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and brings a blend of business and technical expertise to her current role where she focuses on revenue cycle as well as population health data integrity solution development and compliance.

Crystal was previously responsible for managing ZirMed’s ICD?10 and 5010 transitions. As a member of WEDI, she co?chaired the ICD?10 Testing workgroup. She is a member of ASC X12 – the committee that writes the standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions, including healthcare claims – and a previous co?chair of their Entity workgroup. Crystal is a certified medical coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), Green Belt Six Sigma certified expert, a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and is a nationally recognized expert on HIPAA, HITECH and the ACA.

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Debbi Meisner, Change Healthcare

Debbi Meisner is the Vice President of Regulatory Compliance for Change Healthcare. She is responsible for tracking the industry standards organizations and administration simplification regulations. In this role she is responsible for reporting to senior management and coordinating Change Healthcare’s involvement in the development of standards.  Debbi has a tremendous knowledge of both the provider and payer perspectives as well as the complexity of the clearinghouse role. 

Debbi has over 45 years of experience in the health care industry and over 25 years in EDI.  During this time, she has been an active participant in X12N and currently co-chairs the Program Management Task Group. Debbi is a member of the WEDI Board of Directors and co-chairs the Workgroup Leadership Committee and the Transactions and Codes Sets Subcommittee. She also participates in the HL7 Attachment Workgroup, CAQH CORE, the National Uniform Billing Committee and the National Uniform Claim Committee and is a Commissioner for The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). 

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Kathy Sites, Availity, LLC

Kathy Sites is currently Director of Payer Services at Availity, LLC.  She has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked on all sides of the healthcare market to include health plan, provider CBO, hospital managed care operation and the revenue cycle management position held currently.

Kathy has extensive knowledge of HIPAA transactions and processing, claim adjudication and all aspects of healthcare.  She also serves on the Board of Director of Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary (CARA) which provides safety seats to hospitals.

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Sherry Wilson, Jopari Solutions

Sherry is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of Jopari Solutions, Inc., a national clearinghouse and technology company that provides integrated eBill compliance and payment solutions to the property and casualty, government and commercial industry.

She has over 30  years’ experience in healthcare and as well as the clearinghouse industry serving in a variety of roles, including being a healthcare provider, CEO and  Co-Founder of eStellarnet, the first B2B, Internet-based hub connectivity system for the property and casualty industry ; CEO and Founder of Wilson Corporation that specialized in financial risk management for Fortune 500 companies as well as implementing third party claims administrative applications for national insurance payers and the self-insured industry.

Sherry serves on the ASCX12 N Management Committee and also serves as the appointed WEDI and ASCX12 Liaison to the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) an international workers’ compensation standard organization. I also am the Co-Chair of the WEDI Property and Casualty Workgroup, as well is a member of Health Level Seven International (HL7), ANSI-accredited standards developing organization. Additionally, she’s been actively engaged with the American Medical Association, as well as other industry organizations at the state and national level to establish electronic data interchange and administrative simplification education and awareness programs.  These collaborative efforts produced a series of webinars and toolkits to help facilitate stakeholder EDI adoption that align with the HIPAA standards, as applicable. 

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Doreen Espinoza

Doreen Espinoza worked at UHIN for 17 years.  As the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Privacy Officer she directed staff and community resources to create, publish and promote Clinical and Administrative standards for the electronic exchange of data in the Utah healthcare community.  Her work and that of her team is incorporated in the Utah State Rules for Insurance Billing and Clinical Healthcare Exchange.  Doreen is the liaison to national commmittees , including, WEDI, ASC X12, Cooperative Exhchange , NCPDP and CAQH-CORE.  She holds leadership positions with ASC X12 and as Co-Chair of the Provider Information Workgroup and as a Co-Chair of the Cyberysecurity and Privacy Committee of The Cooperative Exchange.

Doreen obtained degrees in Accounting and Information Systems Management from the University of Utah.  She also holds certificates as a Certified Public Manager and Facilitator from the State of Utah.

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Pam Grosze, PNC Bank

Pam Grosze is Vice President and Senior Product Manager for PNC Bank’s Healthcare Division, which provides financial and revenue cycle management solutions for Health Plans, Third-Party Administrators, hospitals, healthcare providers, and other healthcare organizations.

Pam has spent more than 25 years in healthcare environments, developing, implementing and supporting healthcare EDI transactions for leading companies, including PNC Bank and RelayHealth.  She also takes a leading role in several major healthcare industry organizations, holding co-chair and board positions, helping to drive standards and regulations for healthcare.

Pam graduated with honors with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa in 1986, and worked as a software developer in a variety of industries, including an accounting department, a cable television station, a mental health agency, and a defense contractor, before beginning work in healthcare at then CIS Technologies.  Her career at CIS Technologies (which later became RelayHealth) advanced into a management role, where she had the opportunity to create new teams, build non-traditional teams, and manage existing teams as large as 40 people.  During her tenure at RelayHealth, Pam developed claim editing, remittance posting, and clearinghouse software, and managed teams focused on claims and ERA MIS, implementation, client support, clearinghouse processing, enrollments, payer relations, and healthcare regulations.

After 17 years at RelayHealth, Pam moved to PNC Bank to continue her work building teams to support various aspects of healthcare transaction processing. She created PNC’s Payer Services and Enrollment teams. She is now in Product Management, building healthcare products instead of teams, and is focused on PNC’s remittance advice products, while also maintaining the role of industry liaison for PNC.

Pam is actively involved in multiple healthcare industry committees, holding leadership roles in several.  She has been involved with ASC X12 since 2000 and is currently the co-chair of the Payments (835) workgroup.  Pam is very active with the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), and holds a Board Position there, along with being co-chair of the Data Exchange Workgroup and Remittance Advice and Payments Subworkgroup.  She is very active with CAQH CORE, and with The Cooperative Exchange as well, holding the position of X12 Liaison.

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