June Volunteer Leader Spotlight

Thank you for your leadership!

             Deb McCachern
         Cooperative Exchange
         CAQH CORE Liaison

Deb McCachern is a Program Manager for Change Healthcare’s enterprise-wide regulatory compliance programs.  Deb has more than 22 years in healthcare EDI.  Deb has been an active participant in CAQH CORE workgroups beginning with the development of the Phase I rules.  Deb is also actively involved in ASC X12N and serves as a workgroup co-chair under the Program Management Task Group. 




What Liaison Committee do you represent? 

Cooperative Exchange CAQH CORE Liaison.  Please forward your contact information who represents your organization on CAQH CORE calls to Deb’s attention.  

What changes are occurring in your liaison organization or what should our members be on the look at for in the future? 

On the horizon for us is the ASC X12N version 7030 public comment period and expected NCVHS recommendation on Phase IV operating rules and claim attachments.  We are also interested in the ASC X12 835 EDI enrollment transaction and also new payment models.

What does the Cooperative Exchange mean (benefits of) to you and or your company?

Clearinghouses have unique issues that health plans, vendors, and providers don’t necessarily share.  Cooperative Exchange provides a forum to address these unique issues with peers who share the similar experiences.

Why should representatives of the clearinghouse industry be a part of Cooperative Exchange? 

CE adds strength, credibility, and advocacy to our individual clearinghouse concerns in the health care EDI industry.  This provides individual clearinghouses more leverage and a forum to promote positive change in the industry.

What is your favorite thing about your career? 

I am always challenged to grow out of my comfort zone.