2019 Chair Recap

Dear Cooperative Exchange Members.

Membership with the Cooperative Exchange is an effective means for your organization to collaborate with other clearinghouse organizations; keep you informed of the latest industry news and proposed regulatory updates that impact our industry.  Below is our 2019 recap for our membership.

Membership benefits include:

• Networking with members of the industry

• Monthly Educational Membership Webinars

• Access to committees and liaison reports including CMS, X12, WEDI, HL7, NUBC and NUCC and the IAIABC

• Forums to discuss issues that impact the clearinghouse industry

• Collaborative voice to further promote the clearinghouse industry initiatives and our stakeholders’ business needs  

In 2019, our Education Committee held 19 member webinars on important topics such as FHIR, Interoperability, Attachments, Provider Enrollment and issues facing Workers’ Compensation. As a member, if your organization would like the Education Committee to address a specific topic please reach out to pamela.grosze@pnc.com.

We also formed our Industry Affairs Committee to ensure that member organizations are actively engaged and contributing to the industry advisory and rulemaking process-establishing the value and position of the Cooperative Exchange. This committee educated members and facilitated comments on Notice of Proposed Rules and Requests for Information from CMS and ONC including Interoperability and Patient Access Proposed Rule, The 21st Century Cures Act: Interoperability, Information Blocking, the ONC Health IT Certification Program and various RFI’s addressing patient matching and promoting interoperability in key clinical areas.

Our Emerging Trends Committee provided awareness and facilitated impact assessments to the clearinghouse industry for multiple initiatives including the CAQH CORE Phase V Operating Rules, X12 7030 Public Review and Challenges with EDI Enrollment. Our Cyber Security and Privacy Committee contributed to multiple Notice of Proposed Rules and Requests for Information addressing key areas related to these topics with our Industry Affairs committee and are actively engaged in collaborative activities such as, Homeland Security Committees, ONC, OCR, and the National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) initiatives. Our Membership Committee brought on three new members, retained 100% of existing membership, and held multiple networking events at our onsite meetings and the Clearinghouse Caucus at the X12 standing meetings to further educate and promote the Cooperative Exchange. 

As we begin 2020 our focus will continue on educational topic opportunities, addressing emerging trends, providing meaningful updates through our industry liaisons and promoting awareness to government regulations on impacts to the clearinghouse industry. Early topics the Cooperative Exchange will be addressing include ROI on Adoption of Electronic EDI Enrollment, Benefits of Bulk Enrollment for EDI transactions, Electronic Visit Verification Risks and Challenges, Appropriate Use Criteria Impacts, Price Transparency, NIST Digital Authentication Guidelines and multiple other topics.

We want to remind you that your Cooperative Exchange Membership is open to all employees of your organization to take advantage of the Cooperative Exchange industry resources and committee activities.  We are looking for subject matter expertise to bring impacts and recommendations to the Cooperative Exchange on the topic areas we want to address in 2020 to mitigate risk to our industry and continue to drive change. We encourage you to leverage your membership opportunities and industry engagement in specific areas of interest by joining and following committee activities as well as joining our monthly membership meetings held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 11:00 AM EST to get the latest industry news and regulatory updates.

  • Education Committee
  • Industry Affairs Committee
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee
  • Emerging Trends Strategic Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Policy and Procedures Committee

We thank you again for your membership in the Cooperative Exchange.

Crystal Ewing, Board Chair
Cooperative Exchange