Communication & Marketing Committee


The Cooperative Exchange Communication and Marketing Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for designing and establishing the policies and methods for promoting membership in the Association as well as a membership retention. The committee is also responsible for enhancing internal and external communication to increase:

  1. CE exposure and name recognition in the healthcare industry
  2. Sponsorship value and working with the Membership Subcommittee
  3. Current and prospective member benefit and value. 


The communication and marketing committee adheres to the applicable Cooperative Exchange bylaws, policies and procedures and supports the Board of Directors.

The committee's principal responsibilities are to:

  1. Enhance and maintain the CE web site, social media into highly functional, interactive tools used frequently by current and prospective members.
  2. Work closely with the Membership committee to find new ways to enhance communication with current and potential members.
  3. Develop and execute a communication strategy that includes identifying communication channels and placing news blurbs that will raise CE's visibility within healthcare.
  4. Identify and solicit prospective members
  5. Develop membership recruitment and retention campaign
  6. Communicate the benefits of membership in the Cooperative Exchange
  7. Conduct surveys and membership drives, on an as needed basis
  8. Provide statistical membership reports and analysis as needed


Director, Product Management

Crystal Ewing, Waystar

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