Clearinghouse Caucus


The Clearinghouse Caucus was established in October 2012 to develop and promote the improvement of EDI Network interconnectivity and peer-to-peer connection between two networking organizations. Members of the Caucus represent major industry stakeholders from Clearinghouses, Payers, Providers, Finance, Insurance, Retail, and the Federal Government and include Health Information Exchanges (HIE's); Service Bureaus and other third-party organizations that offer some form of communication to their clients. The Caucus brings together EDI Network Stakeholder organizations to encourage the efficient utilization of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and to seek out enhancements and solutions that are designed to improve the interconnect process.

The mission of the CLEARINGHOUSE CAUCUS is to bring consistency, reliability, dependability and process visibility to the commercial networking markets involved with the exchange of business-related documents, between and among the networking community, through the development and widespread adoption of standards and implementation guidelines.

Key Goals and Objectives

  1. Identify and organize current issues that address reliability, dependability, and process visibility by promoting best practices;
  2. Identify areas where new standards and/or guidelines can be introduced;
  3. Work with the appropriate standard-setting organization to develop and promote interconnectivity (peer-to-peer connection) standards and guidelines;
  4. Work through the various industry channels to promote the adoption of new standards and guidelines, that will result in a consistent and auditable process with end-to-end visibility for all customers;
  5. Provide a customer community voice to the networking community, to freely exchange ideas that will improve and facilitate networking

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Sponsor the next ASC X12 Clearinghouse Caucus!

Sponsorship of the Clearinghouse Caucus will put your Company name, Company Logo and Contact URL information  in front of attendees representing Provider organizations, Payers, Vendors, CMS, representation from other national standard organizations  and other Clearinghouses.  These events are extremely well attended due to the relevant  topics  and open forum discussion format. 

2024 Clearinghouse Caucus Dates

September 17, 2024
X12 Fall Standing Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA