Education Committee


The Cooperative Exchange Education reports to the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for assessing current and prospective members' needs and implementing CE programs to enhance the identified basic and advanced education needs.


The committee adheres to the applicable Cooperative Exchange bylaws, policies and procedures and supports the activities of the Board of Directors.

The Subcommittee's principal responsibilities are to:

  1. To assess the successes and failures of the previous year courses and incorporate new ideas into future program planning.
  2. To develop and present clearinghouse education to raise awareness of the role of clearinghouses to external stakeholders 
  3. Develop policies and procedures for administering such courses, including guidelines for co-sponsorship and/or endorsement.
  4. Identify areas of interest that will be the subject of additional courses and appoint the procedure experts who will serve as the director of each course.
  5. Evaluate and promote the success of the program and recommend modifications as necessary.


Vice President, Senior Product Manager

Pam Grosze, PNC Bank

Email Pam

Educational Calendar

Date / Time (EDT) Title Presenter(s)
February 10, 2022 TEFCA updates overview Lee Barrett
February 22, 2022 CMS Update CMS TBD
Q1 2022 Overview of Attachments NPRM, Industry Impact, public comment responses from CE Emerging Trends / Industry Affairs Committee
Q1 2022

838 Overview

Michelle Barry

TBD 2022

X12 ARC/MR process Gary Beatty, Tara Rose
TBD 2022 CORE recertification process TBD
TBD 2022 X12 Codes Committee (ECO) Processes, CMG03, CMG02 TBD
TBD 2022 AMA 2022 Focus / NCPDP 2022 Focus TBD
TBD 2022

FHIR-mandates and real-world applications of the mandate

Payers TBD
TBD 2022 Prior Authorization – new Payer Opportunities (Anthem overview) Meg Kutz
TBD 2022

Acknowledgements Overview / NPRM requirements / Industry Impact

TBD 2022

824 – how is it intended to support the 275 and structured documents

TBD 2022 CMS Guidance on EFT Fees and VCardTBD TBD
TBD 2022

Unique Patient Identifier- challenges, requirements in the 270/271 8020, Patient ID Now initiative(

Deb McCachern and Justin Arnold