Policy and Procedures Committee


Assemble and document the existing policies and procedures of the Association in a format that provides historical perspective, ensures continuity of purpose, and facilitates training for new Executive Committee Members, committee chairs, and committee and Association members. Program Manager, Regulatory and Standards Compliance


  1. Document policies and procedures of the Association when new structures or functions arise.
  2. Review existing policies and procedures and update them to reflect current structures and functions of the Association as they change.
  3. Review, analyze, and revise policies and procedures to ensure conformity with changes in the Association's Bylaws.
  4. Ensure retention of current policies and procedures with Association's Archivist in both hardcopy and disk formats.
  5. Provide copies of the policies and procedures to Association members upon request.
  6. Review and revise policies annually and distribute to members of the Executive Committee, committee chairs, and members, liaisons to assist individuals and committees in the performance of their responsibilities to the Association.



Crystal Ewing, Waystar